Idris Elba also positive for coronavirus


The coronavirus is leaving every day thousands of new infected. And Hollywood can not escape. To the already confirmed cases of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Olga Kurylenko has joined the british actor Idris Elbaafter testing the COVID-19 has revealed that unfortunately the result has been positive.

Idris Elba positive for coronavirus

On his Twitter account, Elba wrote the following: “I feel good, I do not have symptoms now, but I’ve been isolated since I found out I could have been exposed the virus”. In addition, the actor wanted to make an appeal to all their fans for staying quiet and following the health recommendations of not going out to the street: People, stay at home and be pragmatic. I will keep you informed of how I’m carrying. Don’t panic”.

The interpreter accompanied the tweet of a video in which he was able to explain a bit more how he decided to take the test without having developed symptoms: “I had No symptoms. I did the test because I realized that I had been with someone who was also positive. On Friday I discovered that they had tested positive in the test. I put it in quarantine and I did the test immediately and have given me the results today”.

Individual awareness and transparency

With the growing pandemic, Elba repeated some of the tips that are giving the health authorities and government in the last few weeks all over the world. Think of truth in the social distancing, and wash the hands. In addition, out there there are people who are not having symptoms, and that can easily spread it, okay?”commented the actor. “So it is time to be very cautious about washing hands and keep the distances”continued.

To finish, he wanted to ask for transparency to all of your followers to facilitate the detection of the virus: “Transparency is probably the best thing right now. If you feel bad or you think that you should make the tests or have been exposed, do something about it. It is very important”, he said.