Is 7 the number of people infected with coronavirus in Cuba


The cuban government confirmed on Tuesday that the number of positive cases of coronavirus in the country increased to seven.

The information was provided by Francisco Durán García, National director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), during a special presentation in the program Round Table of the Cuban Television.

“Today it is reported that we have a seventh case in the IPK. All are people who come from the affected countries, or had contact with someone who has come from one of those countries. In the seventh case are not yet all the items, reported in the National News Television [NTV]but we do know that he had contact with a person who came from another country,” said the official.

Duran gave no details of the new two cases of patients, but not in the late edition of the NTV offered additional information on the infected. The presenter of the space said that the information would be expanded in a special bulletin after the transmission of the soap opera.

The last update of the MINSAP indicated that there were five positive cases of COVID-19 until the evening of the 16th of march.

Also refería who were admitted for epidemiological surveillance, some 388 peopleof them , 60 of the contacts of the travelers identified. From the 25 January until the date it is accrued 470 income.

The fifth case was confirmed Monday: a cuban of 63-year-old resident in the municipality Diez de October, Havana, cuba, which arrived to the cuban capital on a flight from Spain on the 8th of march. However, it was not until 3 days after he began to manifest the symptoms.

According to the MINSAP, the patients who were positive to the COVID-19, four of them were successfully evolving and showed no complications, while an Italian, reported in the afternoon of yesterday in critical condition, was still in intensive care with assisted ventilation.

“Are enabled 2 thousand 478 beds in hospitals in the country. The 58.8% of the beds of the endowment are distributed in 11 hospitals and 938 beds in 10 centres of isolation”, lists the MINSAP, which, in turn, recommended that “further measures hygienic-health oriented”.

Cuba has received, from the 25 of January up to the date, 28 thousand 001 travellers from countries with transmission, according to data supplied by the organism itself. The Island receives on its borders 3 thousand 246 passengers on the day from the countries in surveillance as the united States, France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Italy and South Korea.

The Customs General of the Republic of Cuba said that redoblaría the mechanisms of surveillance in the International Airport José Martí, but this has evidently not had a total effectiveness, as it has been reported that the infected may not have symptoms of coronavirus in a period of several days.

Despite the claims to close the airport terminals, the authorities have stated on more than one occasion that they are willing to continue receiving international tourism.

These days, it’s gone viral audio of a cuban with a degree in Biology lamenting that the cuban Government is not following the measures that have been adopted in other countries of the world to tackle the outbreak originated in the chinese city of Wuhan.

“What if all the countries of Latin America, the governments of the right and left, all are recommending the social isolation, are closing the borders and have suspended the classes. Why Cuba doesn’t do that?”, he asked the scientist.

“We’re playing to the politics of to express publicly the robust system of health of cuba and they are also not closing the doors to tourism,” he said.