Isa Pantoja in the bed with Asraf beno! “Don’t stop doing it”. I quarantine hot!


Isa Pantoja Isabel Pantoja

March 17, 2020
(16:11 CET)

The famous are not any more than anyone else and also stay at home. In addition, they must lead by example, through their social networking to their thousands of followers. Many of them have launched the message Stay home and have facilitated tricks to keep you entertained without venturing out to the street. Some give away their mood or your voice with unique shows in direct of Instagram.

Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno stay-at-home. The daughter of the renowned vocalist does not go to The program of Ana Rosa since these days this program is responsible for cover today and has left the press of the heart. The same thing has happened to the model with their participation in It is already noon.

Asraf Beno and Isa Pantoja

The sister of Kiko Rivera is not alone. Also note with the company of his son Alberto, last week marked six years. In their social networks, Isa shows as you help your child with homework of the school. Also entertains generating income with some of the brands with which it collaborates.

And what about at night? As Belén Esteban, although for the moment Isa Pantoja and Asraf did not seek the child, but I would love to marry and form a family in the not too distant future. The couple, who are very in love at all times, or skip safety standards in order to give free rein to the passion. One more way to be entertained these days so long. “Don’t stop to do it”, say some in networks.