It is all removed. Their fans don hallucinating! “What Gema Lopez would dare something like that?”


March 17, 2020
(14:40 CET)

The who has been involved in the last few hours with Lady Gaga on the social networks has been of the fat. And is that, as you well know those who follow the american singer, a recent article for the magazine Paper Magazine has caused a good number of comments.

Among other things because, as we can see in the different images, Lady Gaga is not that has left much to the imagination. It is evident, as is well known by those who follow it since it started to rise to fame in the music industry, that the of New York not that it will have precisely that many fear to posing scantily clad.

On the contrary. There have been many times that Lady has been planted in an act, an event or in a photo shoot with an outfit that left little to the imagination. The aesthetics and their outfits are one of their best weapons to keep you talking about it.

The outfit of Lady Gaga

Especially now that I don’t have the brutal impact of the media yes that was a few years ago, when its topics were launched and exploded up the charts. Now, with a series of performances fixed in The Vegas, Lady Gaga seems to want to go back to big with an article in which we see it as God he brought her to the world and with a aesthetic of those which their more hardcore point that is “one hundred percent Lady Gaga”.

What is certain is that the comments have not been made wait. Comments such as “Mother mine Lady Gaga is growing stronger”, “Bestial”, “Amazing”, “This woman is losing the head”, “I alucino with Lady Gaga”, “If it is not can be more diva” or “Goddess” are some of them.

On the other hand, there are those who wanted to remember also in Spain Gema López. Eye, not because the partner Save me have a few gifts for the song to the level of Lady Gagabut, because, as pointed out by some, Lopezwearing a wig like Lady Gaga”. Hence, there will be those who ask: “whatGema Lopez would dare something like that?”