Jensen Ackles (‘Supernatural’) and his daughter enternecen the quarantine singing together on Instagram


Jensen Ackles has found the most appropriate (and adorable) to keep the kids occupied in quarantine. Your six year old daughter, JJ, and he has taken advantage of the idle hours, and have formed a duet musical. Father and daughter sing in this video to Instagram ‘Crowded Table’, the american band The Highwomen.

“Crowded Table. Keep up the good mood while we are locked, singing songs and playing games. Continue to be positive. Our tables will be full of people and everyone will have a site next to the fire.”

The song talks about the desire to have a united family in a house and reflects on how small gestures can mean a big change in a stanza like this:

“If we want a garden we have to plant the seed. Plant a little happiness, let the roots run deeply. If love is what you give then love is what we reap”.

'Jensen Ackles and his daughter'

Despite having suffered himself the consequences of the Coronavirus to have stopped the filming of ‘Supernatural’the actor does not lose the faith and leverages social media to send a positive message to their followers. As it has done Amy Adams with your joint initiative or James Gunn, with recommendations, film.

Other options

Do you not have a guitar to hand? The actor shows us other options of home entertainment with your daughter. On this occasion it is Danneel Harris, actress and wife of Jensen Ackles, who also wanted to publish a post of your family playing to Sink the Fleet while you comply with the quarantine.

“During this battle, I will be sending positive thoughts and messages… in addition I choose to believe that after this we will become better humans. Our connection and mutual trust has never been more important.”