José Eduardo Derbez called “Cul3ra” to Danna Paola Will there be a new remix?


In his recent interview with the scorpion dorado, José Eduardo Derbez was questioned about if they ever had a romance with Danna Paola, not that the son of Eugenio Derbez she said no and in fact Danna Paola we had fallen a little bad at first, so that the youtuber I do not hesitate to ask if you seemed to “rump” and José Eduardo replied, “x2”, recreating that scene in The Academy.

After you have made these statements on Danna Paola, Jose Eduardo Derbez apologized ensuring that it is not truth and what actually has much affection Danna Paola, since both started their career from very young age and came to the match in straight sets at any time.

And is that Danna Paola became viral a few months ago for having confronted a contestant of the academy 2019 called Gibran, who called rump to Danna Paola, so that the interpreter of “bad reputation” called to the contestant by telling him that it is disrespectful to insult a person, what gives you the tips to improve in your artistic career.

After the statements of José Eduardo Derbez followers began to question if there was chance that there would be a new remix, because as we know after the fight between Gibran francely and Danna Paola, is viralizó a song called “culer0 what did you do”, which was a remix of the best phrases of Danna Paola.

José Eduardo Derbez wishes Belinda

In the same interview with the scorpion dorado José Eduardo Derbez makes strong statements about your opinion of Belinda, an actress and singer who also began his career at a very small in the sets of Televisa, The Scorpion Dorado questioned José Eduardo Derbez on if he had ever had a loving relationship with Belinda and the son of Eugenio Derbez denied it but asking for an opportunity to that some day this would happen.

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For the moment neither Belinda nor Danna Paola have responded to the statements of José Eduardo Derbez, So that will have to wait to see if any answers to their declarations of love