José Eduardo Derbez what is coronavirus? Do not stop coughing


José Eduardo Derbez has given a lot to talk about in these last days, and is the son of Eugenio Derbez he took a video of the steering wheel with the Scorpion Gold, where he spoke of his relationship with his father, and other topics in general, however, what most caught the attention is that in the video José Eduardo I kept coughing, and in the comments the fans are not stopped to think that this could have coronavirus.

The severity of the issue was so much that Alex Montielthe youtuber in charge of personifying the scorpion Dorado, made a counter of the times that José Eduardo coughed in the interview, and the result was very alarming, so much so that the Scorpion Gold he titled the video as “the last few minutes of José Eduardo Derbez”

However, it seems that this video was recorded long before there was a contingency for Coronavirus, and in reality, José Eduardo Derbez only I was going through a recovery process, after having had the flu, however, the fans are not left to make jokes with regards to the coronavirus.

“Oh no mam3s click Scorpion only interviews 10 min, more than likely, you already were scared by the times that tocio” commented fans.

José Eduardo Derbez exposed to his dad

A few days ago José Eduardo Derbez was also in trends after having done an interview to her dad, Eugenio Derbez, where he asked to tell the story of how he met their mother, and how he came to have a romantic relationship that ended very badly, making José Eduardo not being able to see Eugene for several years.

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The video on the YouTube account of José Eduardo Derbez exceeded two million views in less than 2 days, and promises that there will be a second part coming soon, where we will be hearing about more stories related to the romantic life that had Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo.