Kim and Dany will join The Taiger and premiered together “Chalk x eraser”


A new union of styles between singers in the genre of urban cuban has come to light with a proposal that, from now on, has begun to sound strong and to earn the applause of the followers of the rhythms of the tropics.

It is the most recent collaboration that just starring Jose Manuel Carvajal Zaldívar, better known by all as The Taiger, and the clustering cuban Kim and Dany composed of its two performers Kim Hidalgo Bridges and Daniel Muñoz.

The three of reggaeton on the Island has just released a single in common, under the title Chalk x draft, which judging by its catchy melody and sonority to the more pure style traptón, has all chances to become one of the hits that most will sound during this coming summer 2020.

The duo Kim and Dany it was the first to make known to his fans the news of the premiere of Chalk x draft through a posting they made in their profile’s official Instagram:

“The stack that the cuban people a long time ago was begging, already I just waiting my people Chalk x draftnext to The Taiger”, commented the reggaeton along with the cover of the song.

Chalk x draft it was released just a few hours through the YouTube channel Kim and Dany using a video in an audio format that has the cover that gives the presentation to the simple composite of the image of the faces of the three performers.

So far, the audio-visual material with more than 28 thousand views and several comments approve of the collaboration between the reggaeton of cuba. Many of the listeners have made to hint that the other exponents of the reggaeton should take example and join to work as they have done, instead of lunging ‘tiraderas’ through videos that broadcast live through their social networks.

“This is the best song you heard this year. Kim and Dany, and The Taiger, this song is going to heat up quite a bit, there is a lot of talent, and gathered my favorites”, “this is hard, this shows that the singers must be united and not by jumping through direct”, “That topic was already pegao without leaving”, “I love it” or “Showing that in unity there is strength, hope and gender urban whole take example of this, very hard”, among other messages that are listed in the comments box of the publication of the video on YouTube.