Last time. Juan Carlos I rushed. You just know this


March 18, 2020
(12:40 CET)

Not at good times for Juan Carlos I. And is that the king emeritus is in the spotlight. All the controversy that arose in the wake of everything that has been telling Corinna and that has ended up leading to an investigation by the prosecutor’s office of switzerland, which has already been dropped that the father of Felipe VI would have cumulado his fortune so allegedly illegal, is making a dent in the Bourbon.

What is certain is that, if at the beginning, when they began to appear the information already put on the table the collection of commissions on the part of the emeritus as well as different activities shortly legal for his part, Juan Carlos was not precisely nervous, in the last few days the thing has changed. In fact, they have rushed to Sanxenxo, Galicia.

Juan Carlos I is in the spotlight

And is that was no other than his son, Felipe, that put you in the spotlight in a press release in which he announced that he was relinquishing his part of the inheritance corresponding to all of these alleged accounts in switzerland.

Juan Carlos and Felipe VI | EFE

A gesture that, while it is true that many applauded, that does nothing to show that Felipeperhaps by that know of the shady business of his father, has not waited for the possible trial, and has already given by the fact that the prosecutor’s office, switzerland has been reason.

With the idea of wanting to separate your father and your messes of the crown, has accepted indirectly the crime. In any case, you have also taken your salary, so that, to this day, his father must fend for itself by the margin of the crown and of the public money.

It seems obvious that you will not have any problem, but just in case, has gone to Sanxenxoaway from Madrid and the media noise, also taking into account their state of health does not make another thing that to place that within the population of risk of the coronavirus. And all of this waiting, unfortunately for him, that continue to pop up new information, put it even more in the spotlight.