Leon Chiro, cosplayer, professional combat Coronavirus


Leon Chiro it is a cosplayer professional of Italian origin, and american, few days ago updated their social networks to alleviate the fear among their fans due to the threat of the Coronavirususing your cosplay All Might (My Hero Academy)and again he repeats retreat Kamina (Gurren Lagan) to send a message of encouragement.

“In tough times like these we need to stay positive and motivated, more than ever. … You don’t have to be afraid or panicked by the Coronavirus, but at the same time don’t underestimate the huge danger it represents to humanity and be very careful… just think that others are essential,” said the cosplayer.

She also commented on the quarantine that are given in Italy to avoid the worst of the Coronavirus, he used the hashtag #IoStoaCasa (#YoMeQuedoEnCasa) to raise awareness of the importance of preventing infections COPVID-19, adding that it must be intelligent and respect the rules of health from your country.

“Stay at home”

Leon Chiro in quarantine for COVID-19

“If we want to win this battle together, each one of us must sacrifice something and we should try to avoid crowded places, events, or public activities,” said Leon Chiro for more than 336 thousand followers on Instagram, did a cosplay of Kamina, and is a character that is characterized for being one of the heroes of humanity in his anime.

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The famous Leon Chiro is well known worldwide for being the cosplayer officer of several major companies of video games like Microsoft’s “Where I”, Square Enix in the “Final Fantasy” and “Kingdom Hearts”, like in the saga of Capcom’s “Devil May Cry”, so don’t forget to visit their social networks and meet his spectacular work.