Manel Fuentes calla anger more ugly in-Your-face sound to me


March 17, 2020
(15:36 CET)

Your face is familiar to me has been one of the programs affected by the coronavirus. The space features public in the stands and almost all the contestants and jury members live in Madrid. Therefore, due to the prohibition of making the program public to avoid contagion, and the movements of the team has taken the decision to cancel the recordings of the space. Anyway if this alarm status is not extended in time does not affect the regular emissions of the format. Your face rings me account with galas previously recorded.

The last gala that the spectators were able to enjoy so far was the one that lifted up as winners again at the Gemeliers. These were characterized Andy & Lucas. Daniel and Jesus climb positions to become the winners of the edition. After their victory, the Gemeliers they decided to repeat and donated the prize, of 3,000 euros, to the social work of the Hospital San Juan De God of the Aljafare (Seville). Excited, they explained that with their contributions have already helped to operate falls to the children of Africa.

For the spectators it was a night of luxury, but in that program, things happened that the cameras are not recorded or did not want to bring to the public light so as not to damage the image of the brothers. The recordings of Your face me sounds are not easy. Have to go through trials, testing, changing rooms and spend hours and hours applying to be characterized as the character. At 1 in the morning, the Gemeliers were tired and still had to record the time push-button and act for the last time at the closing gala.

gemeliers-your-face sound to me Something happened and the recording had a slower pace than usual. The animator attempted to have the public do not give account of anything, but one of the brothers cried out to the animator “shut up, faggot.” It didn’t take anything, well this answer and asked for respect for their work. The young man did not fit well with the answer and took refuge in his dressing room and stopping the recording of the talent show a few minutes of the final.

Some attendees of the gala have a few people headed to the dressing room to find him and eventually after a few minutes he came out, but a bad face. This is not the first time that they were speaking of his bad character. In the year 2015 were faced with a fan in a signature disc we kissed in the back.

The mythical program of TVG, Land Rober, also lived an outburst of the guys. “I made some jokes with them, do not fit well and flooded Twitter with the hashtag Land Rober Trash”, account your presenter.