Mila Ximénez with the mouth open. Millionaire inheritance for them!


March 17, 2020
(16:25 CET)

Mila Ximénez is left to the boxes to discover the last revelation of a partner chain. Jesus Vazquez will return very soon to the tv with the driving of Idol Kids, the talent show where you will be Isabel Pantoja as a juror. Although you no longer have the same weight in the group, Mediaset does not want to let escape at any time to its host star. Jesus Vazquez is always present in competitions of Telecinco or Four.

Are many years that takes in television and has gained a great wealth. This week has again made use of the solidarity, in an interview to the magazine Soon has confessed that all his inheritance will be dedicated to “the most disadvantaged children”. The communicator has a very good relationship with the UN agency for Refugees (Unhcr).

Jesus Vazquez has no children and is something that for its age is not valued. For this reason it is the most fair and ethical”. “My husband and I have been 18 years together and we said: ‘What are we going to do when faltemos?'”, account. Vázquez accurate will not be part of his legacy, but “everything”. “When I’m gone these children will have a school or a hospital because I have given”, he adds in the same interview.

Recently Jesús Vázquez has been in Rwanda, where he visited two within the refugees as a goodwill ambassador of Unhcr. He is the witness of the harsh reality faced in the first person. Note that “I have a privileged life but, sometimes, it’s a little crazy to you this of the fame, the tv, the lights, the flashes…”.

Shows especially sensitive to the kids of the refugee camps, especially the girls. “It’s something that I’m obsessed with it, have been the victims of abuses or violations, are the weakest part of the story.”