Nicki Minaj: “the More an entrepreneur than a singer”



14.12.2019 – 08:000

The singer has made it known that he won’t abandon the music world, but that in the future want to pursue more entrepreneurial projects

LOS ANGELES – Nicki Minaj will not abandon entirely the world of music. Last September, the singer announced that he would be withdrawn and would put an end to his career to devote himself fully to make a family with her husband, Kenneth Petty. Then it was rimangiata what was said and he apologized for the comment. Now Nicki has made it known to be open to more options, but he assured that he will not leave his work.

In an interview to the magazine Billboard, he said: “I Love to die the music, and I love to interact with my fans, so I can not see me completely away from this world, but I want to be open to other possibilities in my life. I think that it is important to become a woman, even away from the stage. I want to be sure of being able to become a complete human being”. So Minaj seems to be projected towards the world of business, having a company that produces spirits, a collaboration with Fendi, the Queen of Radio, and many other projects in the dance.

“I want to expand my business a million times more than what it is now. This has always been my goal: to become a great entrepreneur. I don’t want to be part of a world that is so rich and carve out my slice, since they all do that”, he added.