Oh, how pretty! So this was Alejandra Guzmán when he was young


Alejandra Guzman has had a change quite drastically with the passage of time. Despite the fact that in its time was considered one of the artists most beautiful in the showbiz, currently his surgeries have not helped a lot. However, here we leave some photos of the singer and mexican actress when I was young. It looks very pretty!

Alejandra Guzman in his youth/Photo: Pinterest

Alejandra Guzman in his youth/Photo: Pinterest

Gabriela Alejandra Guzmán Pinal is one of the famous daughters of the actress Silvia Pinal and singer Enrique Guzmán. His personality is rebellious and daring, their natural beauty, as well as his particular way of singing, was catapulted to fame in the music in Mexico and Latin america. Some of their hits to be remembered are “Make love”, “Making love with another” and “weed”.

However, the interpreter of “Eternally beautiful” wanted to preserve his physical beauty through plastic surgery, but unfortunately not all went well. Alejandra Guzman was at risk of death in 2009 by a bad surgery that he had in the glutes. Since that time, Guzman was slowly losing the beauty they once highlighted.

Alejandra Guzman in action

The true fans of Alejandra Guzmán know that the mexican artist 52-year-old also tried his luck in the acting world. The mexican singer and actress performed various characters on television as “When the Children Go” and “Time of Love”; while the film was in the movie “Summer Dangerous”.

Alejandra Guzman in 'Summer'Dangerous' /Photo: Youtube

Alejandra Guzman in “Summer Dangerous”/Photo: Youtube

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His mother Silvia Pinal not only inherited the beauty, but also the acting talent to create, but Alejandra Guzmán chose to follow in the footsteps of his father and dedicate himself completely to the music. Although, for the moment, it has been said that the singer and actress has not already been returned to perform any aesthetic procedure, their fans say on their social networks that she is still as beautiful as at the beginning of his career.

Alejandra Guzman and her daughter Frida Sofia/Photo: The Republic

Alejandra Guzman and her daughter Frida Sofia/Photo: The Republic