Oh shit! This has been worn by Jennifer Aniston in the plastic surgeon!

March 17, 2020
(15:33 CET)

Jennifer Aniston it is spectacular in its 51 years and does not seem to have that age that he puts into his document of identity, however, it seems that all is not gold that glitters, in the case of the american actress.

And is that the actress who starred in the iconic role of Rachel Green in the series Friends has spent a fortune on be as well as has published the average ‘International Business Times’.

Their annual spending on beauty treatments amounting to 180,000 euros, a genuine outrage. Let us not strange that it is so good!

Jennifer Aniston

Your body, your temple

The creams are a vital part of your purchases every month and would still leave a figure above 1350 euros. Something that next to the care of your hair makes the bill increase by large amount.

Jennifer Aniston visit once a week, as a minimum, the barber and the average spending here exceeds 850 euros per visit.

jennifer aniston 2

Professional personal

In addition, Jennifer Aniston is not going to the gym is that the gym comes to her. To do this it has one of the best coaches of fitness of the united States to pay a figure of around 3700 euros per month.

And in terms of nutrition spending is simllar to the services of their dietitian staff. You can’t say that Jennifer Aniston does not invest in itself.

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