Osmani Garcia prepares for quarantine by the coronavirus: “There is to buy condoms”


From return back the control of his official account of Facebook, the cuban singer of urban music Osmani Garcia it has not ceased to interact with their followers and friends who keep each of their steps through the mentioned social network.

After talk about the shortage of toilet paper faced by the majority of the commercial establishments of the countries affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus and to joke about the wit that so characterized the cubans to moments of crisis and despair, now the reguetonero has transmitted another live video on your profile in which you have given a couple of advice to their fans on how to prepare to deal with the difficult time of the quarantine.

First of all, “The Voice” recommended to their admirers in the media who buy enough boxes of condoms, it ensures that the confinement not only bring boredom, but also an increase in the number of pregnancies in women.

“You have to buy condom knight, because after the big problem are the children,” he said. It then added on the tam: “This coronavirus is going to confuse a lot of people,” he said between laughter.

In addition to have fun with the matter of pregnancies and condoms, Osmani Garcia told his fans that despite the fact that the coronavirus threatens to infect more people in Florida, will continue to move forward with most of the musical projects that I had scheduled for the next few weeks.

As said by the interpreter of My home is you during the live transmission, the 4th day of April, children’s Day, will premiere in all its digital platforms a new single that will be dedicated to the smaller house.

“The day we will be premiering another topic, the next disc. We are preparing this and we plan to fly to Cancun to make the video”, “that’s why I chose the 4 of April, because the theme comes as a child. I send a thousand blessings,” he said.

Seconds later, “The Voice” wanted to return to the topic of the pandemic and to send a positive message and encouraging your friends networks making an appeal to the calm and the relaxation in the face of these days coronavirus.

“My people, you have to relax and know that this is life or death. This is not a game, and in addition to memes, there are a lot of people are trying to make awareness out there, because I want you to really know that there are young people that are dying. Don’t go away despite the fact that it is only older people that is attacking the virus,” he exclaimed.

In addition, he explained that the quarantine in the united States had to do it, and make the case to the health authorities of the country, because it was “a serious thing”. In addition, he emphasized that it was the duty of all to comply to the maximum and to respect the rules “for the good of all”.

“If you quarantine here, are in size that the thing is serious. Not going to think that you are creating panic for taste”, and “For what matters now is this well, as a family, take care a lot to their babies, their children, try not to be in contact with anyone,” he concluded.