Otto Ortiza presents “Love in the time of coronaviruses”


The humor has always been a feature mainly of cubans that never gets lost in times of crisis. Now, with the arrival and spread of the coronavirus, many have been artists who have started to bring out the positive side of the difficult situation and who have used the theme of the disease to make people laugh more than one.

One of them has been the comedian cuban Otto Ortiz, who has uploaded a fun video to your YouTube channel under the title Love in the time of coronavirus.

The short, almost one minute and 20 seconds long, shows a little scene between husband and wife after the arrival of the virus. However, the material only has the performance of the artist, and develops in the bathroom of their home from the comedian.

“My love, since that is the coronavirus that here nothing is done. A month of diet sexual,” says Otto Ortiz while you comb your hair in front of the mirror.

He then hears the voice of the woman who says: “Come now, but wash gel antibacterial everything.”

To listen to the request of his girl, the comedian starts lie down the fluid in various parts of your body such as the hands, the mouth, the tongue, until you realize that you should also sanitize a main part of their anatomy: their intimate parts.

However, such work rub not just everything as he expected, and then yells to his wife: “My love, we’re going to leave it for another day”.

This has not been the only initiative that has had Otto Ortiz to boot a smile to their fans during the alarm of confinement, which has unleashed the coronavirus.

A few days went up to your personal account on Facebook the mounting of a photograph with his face, which showed an obese man lying on a bed surrounded by pizza boxes, chicken fried, packages of potatoes, and several donuts. In addition to the publication, joked with the following words:

“I was told that it was best to stay home. I have been 10 days without going out, I’ve gained 53 pounds, I don’t have a half and already he is giving me altered diabetes, cholesterol, gout and triglycerides… but zero coronavirus,” joked the comedian about how it will look after the quarantine.

Also, Otto Ortiz he joked with a meme about the sexual activity in these times of coronavirus, making allusion to that have intimate relationships strengthens the immune system and that made us much more resilient to the virus.

Today, the coronavirus is a serious and real problem that is plaguing the Island from within. Last Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP), he gave the news that there had been two new positive cases of coronavirus, both cuban citizens, a figure that rises to seven the number of infected with the COVID – 19 in the country.