Pollito Tropical dazzles on the runway of the Fort Luderdale Fashion Week as a whole professional model


We had already known many facets of the youtuber cuban Randy, popularly known as Pollito Tropicalas your self-confidence when speaking in social networks or their fun videos that shows his side more natural.

However, in the last few hours the young man has dazzled more than one with a new ability that very few were expected to appear in walk by the gateway of the Fort Luderdale Fashion Week as a model professional.

The influencer has shared a publication in his profile of Instagram that picks up this important moment for the youtuber and has left a few open mouths with stunning images of him parading while lucy’s character and personality some of the new and sexy bet it brings for this year, the fashion house online Hot Miami Styles.

The presentation of Pollito Tropical not only managed to fall in love with him all those who were present during the show, but in addition to his 1.4 million followers that he owns in the above-mentioned digital platform. As shown by the messages that you have left the influencer several of his fans and friends in the post, mostly, words of encouragement and affection that we invite you to continue exploring this version of yours as a model.

“Look at her, what a beauty”, “why are you so bitch. What a beautiful”, “Still playing with the crown”, “Wow, spectacular Chick, so be it”, “All a diva, you’re a model professional”, “Well I like, conquering everything that lay ahead of you”, “Without words, you’re a star”, “Go body, go to legs, collect all the others that came to the queen,” “you’re too much,” “Beautiful, spectacular, I don’t have words to tell you how divine you look” or “Very proud of you my friend, simply sparkly and perfect”.

Even, the post Chicken Tropical has also aroused the admiration of some of his admirers, who are not very regular to leave comments: “I am Not one to say anything, but you Wowo. The evolution is fantastic. Congratulations”, said a user who was dazzled with her talent for modeling.

The debut of Chick Tropical on the catwalk took place last Friday, march 13 as part of the various shows and it picked up the Fort Luderdale Fashion Week.

In addition to the mark and paraded Pollito Tropical, also turned up during the event other designers in the state of Florida as the cuban Yas Gonzalez, as well as some of the firms among which are Banana Republic, Bebe or Belle D’ Amour Lingerie, among others.

Yas Gonález, for its part, also stole applause from the spectators with the presentation of his new collection for Spring/Summer 2020, which is composed by garments that are highlighted by items that reflect the cuban and the folklore of cuba.