PornHub Premium for free in Spain to assist in the quarantine of the coronavirus


While the film releases are delayed, the filming was cancelled and a large amount of the population of our country is forced to stay at home, PornHub has decided that it is a good opportunity to help the Spanish. And is that according to a tweet from the official account of the porn site, will offer a month of their premium version for free to pass the period of quarantine, something that was also announced for Italy few weeks ago.

“In the light of the expansion of the quarantines, we are extending Pornhub Premium for Free for a month to our friends in Spain! Pornhub will donate the sales of Modelhub of this month (the profit of the model will remain intact) Let’s go, Spain!”

Counting PornHub is the website porn most visited in the world, it is expected that this announcement has a strong impact on our country. The plan that is provided includes that it does not have to pay absolutely nothing and be able to spend time as you like.

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A virus that affects the audiovisual industry

And is that despite of offers of this kind on the part of the PornHub or that Disney will+ be rubbing their hands with subscriptions that are going to get during this period of quarantine, virtually everything else has been bad news. These days, we have known that almost all of the films that people could instal new in the next few months will be delayed, as we have seen cancellations of the filming of series and movies. All of this accompanied of several positives about celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson or Idris Elba. Without a doubt, it is something that needs to stop among all to be able to return to normal as soon as possible.