Producer of Tv Azteca lives in MARTYRDOM to stay trapped in Italy by the Coronavirus


After the expansion of the Coronavirus in Italy, they have taken drastic measures that have closed borders in the country, so the argentine producer, Roberto Romagnoli, in these moments is located in Italy, and has detailed the suffering that has lived in that country for the Covid-19.

Remember that the coronavirus (Covid-19) remains on alert to the world and it has become as a constant threat in countries such as Spain and Italy, country in which you reside Roberto Romagnoli currently.

The argentine producer, who was once on TV Azteca, in an interview with TVyNovelas, recounted the ordeal that has lived in Italy due to this virus, even, confessed that she suffered depression, because that is far from his land and his people:

The martyrdom of Roberto Romagnoli in Italy

“I arrived in Milan a month ago, just when it was beginning to sound strong the news in China, and I came driving for four hours to where I am now, which is where my family”.

Telling his experience, he mentioned that a week of being there began the news reported that already there were cases in Italy and that were multiplied, but never imagined that everything will come to a critical stage.

On the other hand, Roberto Romagnoli Tv Azteca expressed his concern that Italy is one of the countries with the highest quality of life, which contrasts with the current situation that lives in this nation, your picture is totally incongruous.

In the end, Roberto Romagnoli explained that intensive therapies in the hospitals are collapsing and pointed out that it will be saved to quarantine over a month, trying to be emotionally stable.

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It should be mentioned that many mexicans have been vareados in other countries, such is the case of the breast of the singer Belinda, that is doing the quarantine in Spain, after that off to take care of your breast by an accident he had.