Program Today: producer of Televisa takes precautionary measures by the coronavirus


Through an interview, the famous producer Magda Rodriguez who is in charge of the program “Today” of Televisa, revealed that after the epidemic of the coronavirus take the measures of caution, because first and foremost is the health of the workers who come to the morning.

In the famous program “Today” there are various people who are working in the morning and faced with the alarming figures about the disease coronavirusthe producer is already in plans to amend some sections of the emission of Televisa.

The producer Magda Rodriguez of the program of Televisa, revealed that at the moment the section “El Camioncito” will be cancelled, due to the precautionary measures to avoid the virus Covid-19, as well as the famous guests in the morning will be reduced.

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The program “Today” has charge of the beautiful presenters Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta along with the other members, such as Andrea Escalona, Marisol Gonzalez, Raul Araiza, Jorge Van Rankin, although he has now joined Peter Prieto, who was the driver of “El Camioncito”.

In the interview the producer of the morning of Televisa, revealed that he has been very aware of on the health of workers, as well as the drivers of the program “Today”, as they have taken the precautionary measures by using hand sanitizers and wipes.

Producer of “Today,” take measures of caution

The producer of Televisa commented that if some of the workers of the program “Today” had any symptoms, would be taken care of urgently, and would be sent to their homes to stay isolated and will be in quarantine, to prevent spread of the virus Covid-19.

Various celebrities through the show are already taking precautionary measures and have stayed in their homes to do the quarantine and avoid going in crowded places, because this is what has been given to know through the social networks.

Photo: Instagram.