Remove the jacket and underneath there is nothing! Friend of Ana Guerra (OT), Aitana and company


March 17, 2020
(16:45 CET)

It seems that the quarantine, as expected, has sparked the imagination of many celebrities of our country. While it is true that it is not exactly an easy situation for the vast majority, there are those who take advantage of these days to share their photos more sensual through the social networks.

And Lola Indigo is one of them. A Lola that, as you well know your excompañeras in the academy Operation Triumph, Ana War and Aitana, is not that it is precisely a woman who has trouble saying what he thinks.

In fact, in the last few days we have seen how the singer slammed a publication so very hard through the networks. “I think it is time that the magazines instead of pretending that they support feminism don’t put headlines as humiliating as this, it gives me a lot of shame that after two hours talking about my music this is the owner” pointed in their networks.

The photo of Lola Indigo

However, beyond this controversy, it has been your last photo on Instagram that has left his followers with the mouth open. A picture in which we see without a jacket, leaving very very little to the imagination.

As was to be expected taking in account that the artist has almost With 900,000 followers in Instagramthe image has petado. There are already more than 110.000 likes that has gained in just a day.

The reviews, how do not, have not been made wait. “You are a true Miriam, I am totally into you”, “Brutal”, “I Wish all the singers were as clear and direct as you”, “This girl I like every time more, as a singer and as a person”, “A woman who has very clear ideas and that is not short hair, good for her” or “You can’t be more sensual than you, my daughter” are some of them. Will you continue to Aitana and Anne War his steps? His followers would be, of course, more than happy.