Selena Gomez and her special friend! recorded it besándole what’s there behind!


March 17, 2020
(20:21 CET)

Selena Gomez it is a little unpredictable, as in interviews seems to be a quiet person that does not like controversy, but it also comes out in videos like the one you see below. The followers saw that the singer had in mind to lead a life without too much fuss, they got it wrong miserably. There is definitely much more of the artist that we do not know. Are they ready to see a Selena different?

In the video where Selena moved to the world, you notice something weird, but this didn’t stop her to throw a kiss in an area we don’t imagine it would. They’re all wondering what it was they wanted exactly, but there’s no reasonable response to the publication.

This 2020 the singer and actress is depicted with an attitude of renewal, we’ll see if his new style includes episodes such as these with greater frequency. It could be a situation similar to the one of rebellion displayed by Miley Cyrus during good weather. Any way, some fans like this version of the born in Grand Prairie.

Lucia’s undeniable that the future was the main concern of Gomez, however, has once again made the mistake of talking about his former relationship with Justin Bieber. The cycle is repeated until fatigue.

Selena Gomez justifies the mistreatment of Justin Bieber

The issue is a complicated one to overcome for the personality, because in a program called Genius, proved to still your mind does not forget many things of his ex-partner.

When asked about the emotional abuse between a couple, Selena Gomez he said the following unexpected observation: “I’ve heard and experienced; I believe that men and women do it, especially teenagers and young lovers, because you know that they care. I have had someone really told me that before.” It is time to turn the page, see if there’s a new love in your life to encourage progress.