Shocking. Mila Ximénez don’t mind this (and if you read it you will cry)


March 18, 2020
(11:54 CET)

The partners of Save me as Mila Ximenez, Maria Patiño, Gema López Belén Esteban has taken the decision not to attend the program during these weeks of confinement. Others, such as Kiko Matamoros remain faithful to the format. The program team has left aside the news of the heart, in good part, to devote the first hours of the space to the coronavirus, the most important topic of these days.

homelessJorge Javier Vazquez and the team of specialists spoke of people homeless, the most disadvantaged in this situation. These live on the street and are totally unprotected. The Government has put measures to do this and has enabled some spaces to sleep covered. Many homeless people could die in the next few weeks for coronavirus.

Without doubt in the street one is confronted with testimonies heartbreaking. It is the case of German, a man colombian without resources of sixty-five years of age to see this global pandemic as the least of their problems, as reported by the Public.

The man has spoken to the media and explained its history. Has gone through several jobs throughout his life: books seller, taxi driver, installer of gas…But none of them has given him the opportunity he needed. Has been in many countries and in all of them has found work, he never lacked. “In the north of Sweden, to eight hours by bus from Stockholm. There I worked in an employment agency, in a supermarket, in a carpentry and in a bicycle repair shop”.

Germán decided to leave all that behind to move to Spain in search of health. “One day I lost the bike in a street that is icy, I fell and fractured my spine. The aid that they gave me not I could afford to pay for medical treatment, but the pains continued. That’s why I go out to Spain to search for health. And here I am finding”, stated.

Now the income of the man are scarce, a few penalties you can pay the ticket. For this reason it is always installed on the side of a hospital. “Hopefully I pick up a coronavirus and I have to take out of the bank and take me to a hospital. I know that I would die, but I hope I come fast. And that I die. And that as well aware of the discrimination and racism they suffer”. A few words heart-wrenching to have left without speaking to many people in broken pain, as Mila Ximénez.