Suzy Cortez between roses, poses with flirty and SENSUAL lingerie


Suzy Cortez we again steal the heart and the breath with your pictures. The brazilian 29-year-old has shared a captivating image where, among petals of roses, poses with a look flirty, and an angle very sensual with a transparent set of lingerie that has gained thousands of likes and compliments.

Fans of the model and influencer Suzy Cortez, also known as the Miss BumBum 2019are you still falling in love with the brazilian. Every time the playmate post a photo of your attractive body, more than 2 million followers of Suzy full of comments complimented how sexy that is, and asking for more content just as hot.

The girl Playboy pulled in a raunchy lingerie set in red hue, put on some high heels with some sexy stockings and between roses placed his huge rear, in order to conquer your audience with a flirtatious pose. By the profile that boasts Suzy Cortez, manages to highlight its enormous rear that raises passions of fans.

Suzy Cortez was driving

Something that is very little known of Suzy Cortez is a lawyer, a criminologist who practiced his career for a long time before the sexsimbol it is now. Also, her beauty and fit body led her to be a television personality in his native Brazil; and in addition, Suzy is a fan of sports, what motivates us every day to go to the gym to keep her figure.

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But since that was listed as “the best butt in Brazil,” in 2019, his life took a great change. Became a famous model erotic of social networks and the internet; now even upload content without censorship in the application Only Fans, where consent to his millions of followers with photos and videos more fiery and sexy than what you can see on Instagram.