Thalia with a fierce animal print presented his new single “Shy”


The mexican singer Thalia she has left her fans speechless after posting the presentation of what will be their next single titled Shy and in where appears, exuding beauty and style as only she knows how to do it.

It was through his official Instagram that Thalia has given you a glimpse of what will be their next musical success that will be available very soon in all platforms of music, but while this is its radiant presentation.

Remember that Thalia rose to fame thanks to his great talent in music and acting, where we’ve seen it participate in different soap operas that have gained a large audience, but however, we cannot deny that the music has been strong for several years.

Thalia is one of the artists who get the attention in the social networks and now that is about to premiere her new single called, Shy, was no exception, but this time they stole glances for another thing, her elegance , poise and unique style.

Shy, the new single from Thalía

After the publication of Twitter that says: “The simple will be available from Thursday, march 19, at 6 pm (Mex)/8pm (EST)/9pm Brazil. And video from the 20th march at 11am (Mexico)/1pm (EST-NY)/2pm (Brazil)!”, Thalía has received hundreds of reactions and comments, though a criticism by its peculiar costume.

It turns out that some of his detractors were not able to avoid comparing it with a famous character, and is that the look of the mexican singer was somewhat similar, as the interpreter of Sweeping was compared with neither more nor less than the Tiger of the East, and is that his crazy image, with details in animal print does not go unnoticed, and you were with everything.

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It should be noted that on Friday, march 20, will be online video. At 11 in the morning already so you can enjoy Mexico, 1 p.m. Est-New York and 2 pm in Brazil.