The best deals in merchandising: Marvel Universe, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Mulan’


After a week, highly stressful for all the world, Captain Deals is here to invite you to immerse yourself in the fictional worlds that are always there to offer a temporary escape from reality. With this merchandise you’ll be able to adventure alongside the Avengers or to fight against the King of the Night with the Stark, all while you take advantage of the chollos fantastic that we carefully selected for cinephiles and seriéfilos.

Among the best deals of the week, is the merchandising of the UCM

In the first place, this week we want to provide options that can be used from home while #YoMeQuedoEnCasa is in operation. There is this kit of LEGO to recreate the fighter aircraft as seen in the saga ‘The Avengers’ in addition to this wonderful electronic page replica of the helmet of the Black Panther. For those who would prefer to sail to Westeros, we also highlight this edition of Cluedo based on ‘Game of Thrones’ and this 3D puzzle of the world globe’s fantastic to see what is west of Westeros. For children, we have this beautiful doll of Mulan in order to compensate for the delay in the release of the film in real action.

We have already recommended the best series and sagas to see during the quarantine period and now we turn our attention to the best bargains for create a home theater to watch them with style. There is a discount of over 40% on this LG tv with Alexa and a system that is compatible with HDR to provide the best possible image quality. Next to this Blu-ray player from Panasonic, your family can enjoy the cinematic experience from the safety of your own home.


LG Smart TV 4K UHD 65″ – Buy 999,99 euros

Panasonic Blu-ray Player Full HD – Buy 76,49 €


LEGO Super Heroes Quinjet Ultimate Avengers (Combat Aircraft) – Buy 79,03 €

‘Black Panther’ Helmet E – (Habsro) – Buy by 85,49 €

Cluedo ‘Game of Thrones’ – Buy it for 29,95 euro

‘Game of Thrones’ 3D Puzzle of the Globe – Buy 38,76 €

Mulan Brightness Real Doll (Hasbro Disney Princesses) – Buy for 9,79 €


Funko Pop! Captain America (Chrome) – Buy for 10,90 euros

Funko Pop! Tony Stark (‘Avengers: Endgame’) – Buy for 11,76 €

Funko Pop! Ghost (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy it for 9,99 euros

Funko Pop! Tyrion Lannister (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy by 13.79 euros

Funko Pop! The Little Mermaid – Buy 11,77 €

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