The cast of ‘High School Musical’ joins the initiative of Ashley Tisdale to the quarantine


It seems impossible that a cast of actors could show us a reunion in the situation of isolation in which we are all. But, thanks to Ashley Tisdale we have been able to see a small tribute to the films of ‘High School Musical’.

'High School Musical' Ashley Tisdale

The actress, who played the flamboyant Sharpay Evans shared a video on TikTok to encourage their followers during the quarantine period: “My exercise during the autocuarentena. I can’t believe you remember”. Tisdale dance to the choreography most famous of the trilogy of Disney Channel’s ‘We’re All In This Together’, which appeared at the end of the first film. This video alone was enough to freak out the fans, but other castmates have wanted to join it.


My work out while on Self-Quarantine. I can’t believe I remembered it ?

? original sound – ashbash2425

One of the first to join was KayCee Stroh along with his two small daughters. The dancer played Martha Cox in ‘High School Musical’, one of the girls empollonas that he confessed that his passion was hip hop dance. In a second video, Stroh recorded at his daughters in uniforms of the saga, and there is nothing more tender than that.

Although he did not danced this song in the movie, we see that coach Bolton also has pace. Bart Johnson, who played the father of Troy, has been attached to this dance. Dress with a sweatshirt of the institute of East High and with a basketball, Johnson takes us still more to the spirit Wildcat.


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? original sound – ashbash2425


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? original sound – ashbash2425

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Vanessa Hudgens has followed them to their peers with a choreography different, another way to pass the quarantine. She leans in more to have on hand a good bottle of wine to liven up the days. The actress who gave life to Gabriella Montez is perhaps more overwhelmed with the isolation. Hudgens got the leg with some unfortunate statements about the virus. Even after it has apologized, in social networks, people coming up that this will affect his career.

The three movies of ‘High School Musical’, the film solo for the character of Tisdale ‘The fabulous adventure of Sharpay’ and the new series ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ will be available in Disney+. The platform finally arrives to Spain on the 24 of march.

Cameos in the new series

One of the actresses from the original cast of ‘HSM’ has been passed by the new series. It has been the very KayCee Stroh, who even he has left us once again see her dance moves popping and locking. Stroh appeared as one of the members of the Board of the institute.

Another favorite returned to the East High to encourage the professor of theatre: Lucas Grabeel singing ‘Role of a Lifetime’. In this musical number provides you with your tips. “I know what I’m talking about, I looked to Ryan”. Grabeel played the brother of Sharpay, singer and choreographer I finally got her dream of studying at Juilliard.

‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ has already been renewed for a second season. On this occasion, the musical that will set up the students will be ‘Beauty and The Beast’, but we’d love to see more cameos.