The emotional farewells of Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’


Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article contains SPOILERS from the episode 5×08 of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The producers of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ announced that two leading actors of his series on the left in the fifth season. That time has come.

Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, the couple inside and outside of the screen has been dismissed in the eighth chapter of the season.

After getting married, Ray Palmer announces to his companions in a ship that he and his wife will participate in one last mission and then go. Ray decides to conceal from his friend Nate (Nick Zano) this news, but just in the process of learning. The two share a moving scene of farewell that even affected the actress Courtney Ford. “Every moment between them has been human, funny, tragic, and perfect. but this scene just shattered my heart. There is nothing like this friendship on television”said Ford in his account of Instagram.

Routh told the ins and outs of this scene to EW: “Is to act, but it is also something very real for us. The funny thing was that we had problems with a camera that failed and stopped recording. We had to record this scene so dramatic, and we only had that camera, so we had to do it many more times than we needed to for it to work”.

The forced farewell of the show made it very difficult to the action: “I love the writers of the final episode, our writers are fantastic. I know that thought that helped us with the wedding and for the fans I am glad that you have a good seal, but for us it was like pouring salt in the woundsays Routh. The actor also confessed that he struggled to say one of the phrases his character Ray: “the finals are required to grow no matter how painful that may be”.

Ford also said goodbye to this series, she says that what she will miss is her character as Nora Darhk: “I will miss represent a survivor of a trauma in this way. I will miss the fun part as having the powers. Every time I did telekinesis or powers of fairy godmother, my inner child jumped with joy”.

The actress, of course, also has said that it will miss the team of ‘Legends’. These we were surprised with a gift during the recording of his last episode, as he has shared it on their social networks: The goodbyes are hard and normally I avoid and I cry afterbut these guys surprised me between scenes and can not take to any site”.

Acknowledgements to all the world

Brandon Routh has used their social networks to thank many people for the support during his years as Ray Palmer. Although it promises to be short, the actor dedicated a long text to say a last goodbye. Thanks to the chain of the CW and to DC Comics, to all the cast and the team behind the cameras and especially to the fans: “Family Fan, thank you for being you. There is No series without you. I am so grateful that I have found. You we have found! It has been a joy to collaborate with you. We are a series for those who accept the faults of others because they work in to fix your own”.

The CW has decided to not issuing new chapters of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ during the crisis of the coronavirus and will replace the older chapters.