The infanta Cristina ¡terrified! Letizia asked Philip I SAW this. And is the pump of the year


Infanta Cristina

March 18, 2020
(13:41 CET)

With the permission of the crisis of the coronavirus, there is other news that has removed the foundations of Spain these days. We speak of the removal of the allocation by the King Philip VI his father, emeritus Juan Carlos Iand the resignation of the Head of State to the legacy of his father, after he left the scandal to light related to the 100 million euros that charged in commissions Saudi Arabia and that divided among a checking account in Switzerland and two of his former lovers, Corinna and Martha Gay.

A decision that many have praised, considering that it is a brave act and it raises the figure of the King of Spain Felipe VI to the maximum expression, and that would have made it clear that the monarch is of the opinion that the first thing is the people.

Hidden Plan

But many claim that this step is not by chance. And that everything responds to a plan to launder the image of the crown. A way of wanting to make people believe that the law is equal for all and to strengthen this sense of transparency that you want to convey the House Real. But nothing more.

Felipe VI congtreso

Moreover, they highlight that the resignation of Felipe is “banal” and “stupid”, because until you do not miss Juan Carlos you can’t give truly that inheritance. In addition, we must not forget the legitimate, and that will end up giving the inheritance to the king.

The infanta Cristina, scared

But beyond all this, it is said that the Queen Letizia also would have had to do in this decision. Rumours circulate that the former of Spanish Television it would have been more pressed for Felipe to take determinations with his father. And that would have exerted the same pressure as when you departed from the Royal House the infanta Cristinaafter that Iñaki Urdangarín he was charged for his involvement in the case Nóos and of the infanta to support it.

Iñaki Urdangarín | EFE

A Cristina that is again feel the threat of Letizia with the scandal uncovered of his father. And it is that fear that Letizia target hand for that Felipe to force her and her sister Elena to give up also to the inheritance of Juan Carlos.