The last terrible time of Ortega Cano, Antonio David cover as you can


March 17, 2020
(15:54 CET)

Ortega Cano has jumped to the first page of the media after the participation of Ana Maria Aldón in Survivors by 2020. An adventure that the right-hander did not want that he lived. According to sources close to Ortega Cano what is really going wrong because it take much less to his wife. “You need it and remember,” they say. This situation “what makes you sad and a bit depressed”. By this the whole family is very aware of it. See alicaído and cranky. “His family encourages it to distract“assure to this medium.

The father of Glory Camila is very concerned and annoyed by the approach of Ana Maria Aldón Antonio Pavón. Matador in bullfighter and shot because I have to. “Ortega does not make any grace that tonteo, understand that it is a realitybut hurt certain behaviors“informs a person of his or her environment.

Not make any grace when it speaks of intimate aspects of the life of both. Last week ensured that “needs more heat”. Ana Maria Aldón in your visit to Make you see before you go to Survivors told Carlos Sobera that the right-hander was days without speak to her for making the decision to access the reality.

Ana Maria Aldón and Dew Flowers

Ortega Cano does not like to be alone and the child of both is helping a lot to alleviate the lack of Ana Maria Aldón. By the time the right-hander was offered a chance to defend his wife on set, however he would not. For this reason he went to Gloria Camila in the program. Because the coronavirus is very likely that neither would be able to visit his wife, even though has already made it clear that his intention is not to go.