The reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’ shows his character designs of the Digital World


The franchise japanese ‘Digimon’, who turned 20 years old recently, still very much alive. Now returns in the form of a reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’one of their first projects will be released as a new series, and it is for this reason that they have redesigned the characters for the Digital World (DigiDestined). Crunchyroll has shown their new designs via their website, teaching a style similar to the original series, a return to the past. In addition, we have also seen on Twitter, so that fans could comment.

“‘Digimon Adventure’: it reveals the cast of the anime and the character design of the TV. It will have its premiere on the 5th of April on Fuji TV; 9AM JST on Sundays.”

It is expected, however, that their style is different, more current, despite the fact that the characters have a more classic style in the Digital World. According to Comicbookthe series will tell us the story of a group of young people, each owner of a monster that will accompany them all the time and will have to live different adventures, something that recalls, in part, to the original series.

Digimon Adventure

What happens with the film?

And it is that this saga has been developing a series of films in recent years, showing the evolution of the characters, from young people to adults. His latest release, ‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna’, was announced for the 15 of may of this year in Spain, though it has been postponed again due to the pandemic coronavirusso we will have to wait.