The romantic paseo de Maluma with Vivien Rubin on the streets of Greece


The rumors of romance between Maluma and Vivien Rubin seem every day more solid. In January, the couple had already given hints that something was cooking between them during a family vacation in the reguetonero in Aspen (Colorado), where they were seen in very loving attitude.

But during these months the two young men have followed given indications that their relationship is strengthening. After to be very complicit in the first days of the year, a few weeks after they returned to give signals that they were together in Iceland to simultaneously share photos with the same landscape.

On this occasion, the Russian model and the colombian artist has been captured enjoying a romantic stroll through the streets of Athens (Greece), where he was Maluma last week for work reasons.

For the appointment, the dummy chose with some black pants tight and a leather jacket, while the interpreter Happy the four wore a white jersey and casual jeans.

The last relationship that is known by the famous artist is the model cubana-Croatian Natalia Barulich, with whom she spent two years until they ended in September of last year. After his high-profile break also will related also model Winnie Harlow, with whom he has met at different events. However, it seems that it is Vivien Rubin the young man who was in charge of re-completing the heart of Maluma.

Until now, none of the two have confirmed anything, but the images speak for themselves and there are many who think that between the two young people has emerged more than a beautiful friendship.

Vivien Rubin is not an unknown in the virtual world. The young man is a model of Russian origin based in Los Angeles and on your social networks share some of their sessions photo with which has mesmerized its more than 600 thousand followers.

These photos saw the light a few days before the colombian singer was forced to suspend his european tour by the crisis of global health, which has led to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. But not all are bad news for their unconditional, since it seems that the artist is willing to take advantage of the quarantine to focus on new music. Let’s create it has been said!