The savagery that Santiago Segura paid to Bethlehem Esteban out on Torrent


Santiago Segura

March 17, 2020
(15:10 CET)

Belén Esteban is one of those celebrities that can boast of many things. And it is that, while it is true that the controversy collaborator Save me he rose to fame for being the woman of Jesulín of Ubriquewith the passage of years has created a character that you like, and much, in the world of television.

And is that, is there where steve is peta. In all and each one of the programs that engages the audience is more than good. Whether in programmes ‘their’ style, as Save me or Big Brother, where he won one of the editions VIPas talent contests, such as Look Who Is Dancing, Bethlehem always devastates.

Belén Esteban

What is gained by Torrent

Being as it is a very well-known character in our country, was no other than Santiago Safe which, in the face of the fourth installment of the saga Torrent, he wanted to against with it to do a cameo.

A cameo appearance by which it is not known officially as claimed Stephen. Yes, in the networks, especially from sectors that are not is that they are very pleased with the treatment that always gives, according to his opinion, to Bethlehempoint that was “60,000 euros”.

Belen Esteban Torrent

She never wanted to talk about the topic, but what is certain is that there will be someone who points out that “it is possible”, while many others, taking into account that Bethlehem just appears a few seconds on the screen and it is usual that the cameos do not come in the movies of Torrent, point to that did not charge nor a euro.

Regardless of whether you won or not something of money, Stephen you can boast of having appeared in one of the most successful sagas of Spanish cinema. Yes, watching the scene, sure many will not recognize Bethlehem. And that is the physical, then it rolled in 2011), there is nothing like it looks today.