The upcoming movie of ‘Final Destination’ will not be a reboot, and had already chosen subject


In a season in that series and movies are stopping in various processes of development, it is ironic that of the few productions that have clear their next step is the upcoming movie of ‘final Destination’. But so it is.

With the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its premiere, Digital Spy has conducted an interview with one of the producers, Craig Perry, and the creator of the series, Jeffrey Reddick, who for the first time gave the lie to the idea that the next installment was a reboot. “I think that reboot is too strong a word, it seems that is going to change everything, but what yes that is going to be is a movie of ‘Final Destination’.

'Final Destination'

During the first five deliveries were accustomed to seeing people from different areas to be pursued by the grim reaper, but on this occasion Craig Perry wants to focus on a type much more concrete:

“We’re trying to take place in the world of emergency services: medical, fire and police. These people are dealing with death in first-line every day and make decisions that can make people live or die. We rely on your good judgment, experience, and demeanor. Then, why not put these people in the horrible situation in which each choice can lead to life and death, but for themselves?.

The own producer is sure that it is the natural step that you should follow the next installment: “we are thinking that this world could be an interesting way to enter a movie of ‘Final Destination’and one that can also generate unique scenes of a very credible”.

There is still no release date planned but, until then, you can enjoy the latest films on platforms like Prime Video and Netflix.

What we can expect

The script the next installment of ‘Final Destination’ will be in charge of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, whose joint expertise includes films such as four installments of the saga of ‘Saw’ or ‘The Collector’, 2009.

Bringing together both professionals and the ideas of Craig Perry’s own Jeffrey Reddick ensures that the concept is already “single”and gave credit to his partner, Craig is the master of inventing openings crazy and put together puzzles. He has told Me a couple of things that will happen in this and it’s going to be very fun”.

Before the end of the interview, Perry dropped one of the ideas that you will use for your scenes:I don’t think anyone re-look at the revolving door of the same way…said the producer.