“There will be deaths, is inevitable’: Vanessa Hudgens on the Covid-19


The actress Vanessa Hudgens today is starring in some of the worst scandals of the showbiz, after making a particular and tragic reflection about the results that I will have the Covid-19 in the world.

This great controversy began after the actress made a live broadcast from its official account of Instagram, which Vanessa Hudgens he assured that the deaths caused by this pandemicare an inevitable fact.

A terrible reflection that the actress completed with other data more tragic, which ended up by causing a big fuss on social networks, even more so when it is one of the most sensitive issues today, as it is the coronavirus.

“It sounds like this is going to last until July. Sorry, but it is a virus. I understand and respect that…

… But at the same time, if all we were to have it, people are going to start to die, that is terrible, but inevitable”. It was part of the views that Vanessa Hudgens shared with his followers on Instagram.

And as expected, these comments were not as well received in social networks, where several users criticized for its insensitivity to the subject and for the message it was sending to the younger generations.

The controversial opinions of Vanessa Hudgens on the Covid-19

Due to the large wave of criticism, hours later, Vanessa Hudgens to appear again in your social networks to try to explain what happened, ensuring that his words were taken out of context. Regarding this topic, the actress mentioned:

“I realized that some of my comments had been taken out of context. Times are crazy and I’m locked in the house. And I hope that is what you are doing and also, on quarantine and staying safe and sound.” Even so the actress reaffirmed her idea that there will be many more deaths because of the Covid-19.

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