Tom Hanks and his wife were discharged after the coronavirus


The famous actor of Hollywood Tom Hanks he had shared some days ago on their social networks, which he and his wife Rita Wilson gave positive coronavirusbefore the epidemic of the virus were in an australian hospital, but everything seems celebs have already been discharged.

Tom Hanks and his wife are already safe from the disease, but will have to take care of your health, which doctors have recommended to continue with the treatment and the quarantine after the disease coronavirus, it is better to take the precautionary measures before the epidemic.

The representative of the Hollywood actor mentioned that the famous are already resting on the property where they were vacationing, when they were diagnosed with the disease, the coronavirus.

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Remember that Tom Hanks said on Twitter that his wife, Rita Wilson does not feel anything well, it began to have temperature, so he decided to be tested for the virus Covid-19, but all indicated that both she and her husband tested positive for the disease.

The famous were given high

Despite the days of concern that had the famous, as well as fans of the actor, now that you have been discharged, will continue with the medical recommendations and stay in quarantine, following the example of other actors and singers.

The famous Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, were thanking him for the samples of love and support that they received from their fans in social networks, after having been put in complete isolation for coronavirus.

After having lived moments of anguish, because they were positive to the disease, the coronavirus, the actor Tom Hanks and his wife, mentioned to users that they must take care of your health and follow the directions of the experts.

Photo: Blog of the Regio.