Very run down, with dark circles and broken. Eva González photographed by the paparazzi


March 17, 2020
(20:53 CET)

An old picture of Eva González has been viral this Tuesday in the social networks due to the deteriorated of his face and dark circles, something that worried a lot of all his followers.

Especially counting that the tv presenter and model andalusian is not going through the best months of his life, however, the photograph has been viralizado already have quite a few years now that it is 2015.

The image captured by the paparazzi sees Eva González in a bad moment, and without being made-up, neither seems ready to speak with the media.

eva gonzalez

A coronavirus final

His relationship with Cayetano Rivera seems to end in the end of the quarantine as if the thing was unstable as it has been noticed these days that was weaker than previously thought.

In fact, the couple is living these days, a separate, an indication that there is a little thing that to recover between them after that supposedly the bullfighter he cheated with canaria Karelys.


No return date

Eva González is a little like all of us, no date for return to our normal life. The recordings that I had to make ‘The Voice Kids’ have been postponed until a new date because of the pandemic and touching days of being with the family at home.