“We must do everything that tells us to try to help in this situation, but we are together”


The famous cuban singer Gloria Estefan he has used the social networks to send an encouraging message and full of positive energy to their thousands of followers, in the midst of the health crisis that is being experienced worldwide because of the spread of the coronavirus and after the quarantine that many are last in their respective homes as measures the main protection against the disease.

The star of the popular band Miami Sound Machine shared two videos on your profile official of Instagram, one in English and another spoken in English, in which he invited his fans to keep strong in the face of the difficult situation triggered by the coronavirus and encouraged people to make the case to the media, although sometimes, to be afraid with the news that you give us on the subject.

“My people, I love them so much, we are going through a very difficult time but this will pass. The media scare us but to inform us and we have to do what they say and give us the hand. Through the media I will try to do more of that to keep united,” were the first words of the artist.

Then Gloria Estefan he was very close with her fans and made them to know that, despite the distance, will be with them through the devices and social platforms.

“I want you to know, that I’ll be here with you. You have to do what he tells us to try to help in this situation, but we are together, though separated, yet more together than ever. I love them so much, thanks for all the support you always give me,” concluded the artist sending you a big hug and a virtual kiss to their most loyal fans.

Her husband Emilio Estefanfor his part, shared a photo of their dog accompanied by the following message:

“Until Baucer is scared! This type of situation teaches us that all we need to have more communication and we must be supportive. Less hate, more love, more unity and positivity. I never lose my was to create a better world for future generations.”

Currently, the situation of the COVID-19 in the united States is a present problem and concern that is affecting the country, after having registered the amount of four thousand 661 positive cases, 85 deaths, while 337 people have been recovered.

Only in the area of Florida, the state in which they reside Gloria and Emilio Estefan, the number of patients who have given positive coronavirus rose to a total of 160. For the moment, there are other cases like the 32 citizens who are under medical research.

As announced by the Department of Health, this above-mentioned amount, 142 are residents of the state. 18 other residents who are not from this area have tested positive within Florida and six others have tested positive outside of the state itself.