What’s going to be the coronavirus to the cinemas to long-term


In the film, the COVID-19 is being felt increasingly. Personalities infected, delays in the releases, filming paralyzed… And closing of rooms, obviously. In China, Korea, or Italy, are already several weeks that have passed since you took the measurement. In Spain, the cinemas also closed their doors these past few days. And in the united States, the main market for Hollywood films, the process is also repeating.

Crisis of the coronavirus in the film

All of this logical strategy to keep people in their homes will have their consequences, and some of them are perceived, even in the long term. According to Deadlinein the U.S. , as are 4,000 theaters closed down, leaving only about 20% still open. The economic impact of this will be stronger the more you prolong the problemand although it is now estimated to be about 20,000 million dollars in losses, this could increase. The million-dollar expected losses will affect both large rooms as the smaller ones. To the first because the number of viewers who tend to perceive is case-sensitive, so that that absence of input of money will be a scourge considerable for large clusters. And the more small and independent because many do not have the budgetary capacity enough to face a cessation of activity for so long.

Another point of concern is the minister at the time in which all re-open. The when it will come is uncertain, so that the premieres are planned in these weeks they are displaced. Some, like ‘Fast & Furious 9’ already have a new date, but other big blockbusters like ‘Mulan’ or ‘Black Widow’ are waiting for the virus to go away. That will lead to movements also in the premieres of the rest of the year, as for the cinemas, it would be counterproductive to that several blockbusters to coincide in date.

Coronavirus in the film

If you put these premieres in early July, for example, Disney would have to move ‘Free Guy’, planned for those weeks. This could lead to a chain reaction that ends up moving all the big premieres several monthsdragging 2021 to some that a priori were not affected by the pandemic. As well, distributors and display cases are located at a point where you can’t plan your strategy to mitigate losses, even in the long term.

Reset button

If this were not enough, there is another large uncertainty with respect to the restart of the activity in the theaters. Can be limited at the beginning the number of tickets sold or the times established? Because it must be clear that the return to normality of the society is not going to be something fast to happen from one day to another, as the virus could be reactivated if you do not take the proper precautions. In this aspect, the recovery of the chambers are assumed to be slow.

Finally, the process of promotion of films is also an unknown. It is true that these months of confinement can cause a lot of people come out with even more desire to go to the cinema. But the movies will need to return to be placed in the framework of the present with a strong advertising campaign. And for that they need the aid of other events that are also suspended and that they are the perfect bait to capture the audience, as is the case with the sports. In short, it is not until you glimpse the way out of the crisis of the coronavirus will be impossible to determine its impact on cinema, but it is obvious that it will be of great importance.