Winners of the Awards Razzie 2020: ‘Cats’ triumphs in an edition without ceremony


If there is a common theme these days is the coronavirus, affecting the film industry and doing everything that the surrounds will have to adapt. It is for this reason that the ceremony of the Razzie this year has had to cancel, by issuing winners via press. However, we see them as ‘Cats’, which started as favourite before you even know the nominations have been destroyed.


And is that ‘Cats’, one of the films most criticized this year, it has taken 6 awards including worst movie, screenplay and director. In addition, other such as ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ have not been left without their prize, getting the worst remake, and John Travolta in the worst actor for ‘The Fanatic’ and ‘Trading Paint’. The good news is the has led to the actor Eddie Murphy, who has won the “Razzie redemption” by ‘I am Dolemite’. Here is the complete list of winners:

List of winners of the awards Razzie 2020

Worst movie

– ‘Cats’

Worst actor

– John Travolta for ‘The Fanatic’ and ‘Trading Paint’

Worst actress

– Hilary Duff for ‘The murder of Sharon Tate’

Worst supporting actor

– James Corden for ‘Cats’

Worst supporting actress

– Judi Dench for ‘Cats’

Worst couple

– Any ball hair half feline / half-human in ‘Cats’

Worst screenplay

– ‘Cats’

Worst director

– Tom Hooper for ‘Cats’

Worst remake, plagiarism or sequel

– ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

Worse disregard reckless for human life and public property (new category)

– ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

Razzie redemption

– Eddie Murphy from ‘I am Dolemite’