10 movies great to watch with dad on Father’s Day


As every year, on the 19th of march marks a special day for many, and deserves to be passed in a family: the Father’s Day. There are many movies and series that stand out the figure of the parents in the family, although some of them do not arrive to actually reflect the role of our parents for us in the day-to-day.

  'Life is beautiful'

10 movies to watch with dad on Father’s Day

1 ‘Life is beautiful’ (1998)

During World War ii, Guido, his wife Dora and their son Giosué are taken to a nazi concentration camp, snatching away the freedom and happiness enjoyed in his beloved Italy.

Guido and Giosué are separated from Dora who must stay with the women, and it is then when we shall see what a father is willing to do for your childsince , for small do not be afraid and do not know what is really going on, Guido is will invent an elaborate story that will make believe to your child that it’s all part of a game. The love of the father and son is so strong that it lingers even in the most difficult moments.

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2 ‘In search of happiness’ (2006)

The life of Chris Gardner has never been easy. His young son, and he have been kicked out of your apartment and have no place to go to, in addition, his extensive work does not provide enough money to live on. Together they face numerous difficulties that Chris will transform into beautiful lessons for your little one who, thanks to his father, even in the worst of times will keep the smile.

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3 ‘Dad Kangaroo’ (2003)

Charlie and Phil have been fired from their jobs, even though the sadness last them a bit because of a crazy idea comes to their minds: if they are able to take care of her two young children… what difference there will be in taking care of ten at the same time? The answer is: a lot! Even so, will not give up, ever, and will be involved in the education of children as never before. With this adventure, the two dads will learn to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful times, the father and son.

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4 ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003)

Since Nemo was a baby his father Marlin has taken care of him all the time, coming to sobreprotegerle by having a fin smaller than the other, thinking that this could be a big problem for your child. The real problem comes when it a day, little Nemo is captured by a human and ends up locked up with other fish in a fish tank in Sydney, Australia. Her father embarks on a dangerous adventure to return to embrace his son, even though it’s not going to do it alone, will accompany Dory, a fish with short-term memory. Marlin will be willing to come to the end of the world by his only son, who will also teach you a valuable lessonand that is , the small fish knows how to fend for himself.

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5 ‘Big Fish’ (2003)

“They say that when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and it’s true, what they don’t tell you is that when it launches makes it even faster to recover what we have lost”.

When Edward Bloom is on his deathbed, his wife will try to reconciliarle with his son Will, who never came to believe any of the crazy stories that his father said that had happened to her throughout her life. Together rememorarán all of them, from the giant’s, with which he struck up a friendship, the time he spent working in a circus, or the witch with a crystal eye that could see the future. What Will did not know then is that, with the stories of his father, his life was full of magic.

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6 ‘Billy Elliot (Quiero bailar)’ (2000)

Billy, a boy of eleven years who has recently lost her mother, lives with the rest of your working-class family in the north of England. The small will grow in a cold environment in which it will not have the love of her father and brother, who have all of their attention on the job. Soon Billy begins to develop a great passion for the ballet and her teacher, miss Wikinson, who knows the great talent of the boy, begins to give him lessons so that you can enter the Ballet School. But that will not be enough for the small since that you want to have the approval and support of his father, who has many prejudices and do not want your child dance. Both will realize how important it is to the mutual support, acceptance, and love between a parent and a child to achieve the dreams of the last.

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7 ‘The Lion King’ (1994)

From birth, the little Simba idolizes his father, Mufasa, the king of the savannah. As they grow up their parents are teaching them valuable lessons so that, over the years, can be as good a king as Mufasa. When their father dies and they all think that has been the fault of Simba, the small flees his home destroyed. Even so, the love between the two will break any barrier and the memory of Mufasa will be enough to put you at a distance and make him the lion that he always dreamed to be, the living image of his father. If your father and you are a huge Disney fans… this is your movie.

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8 ‘The father of the bride’ (1991)

George did not just see clear that your “little” Annie, their daughter, 22-year-old go to marry. Despite the fact that all believe that their future husband is a man great, he won’t see it as well and will end up becoming your biggest enemy. From then on you will begin to find fault with everything related to the wedding, until you realize that the happiness of his daughter is the most important thing of all. Through this comedy we see the fear that parents have of losing their “chicks,” though, really, always going to continue to be there.

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9 ‘Twelve out of home’ (2005)

If you have a large family you will understand that being a parent is not easy.

Tom Baker and his wife, Kate, decide to spend a pleasant summer holiday with his ten children in a large house on the shores of lake Winnetka. What promised to be a relaxing vacation, end up being the opposite, because another family quite competitive burst upon their lives. Baker will have to learn to be the best father for their children and learn to listen to them, advise them and help them in everything they need. In addition, despite all the difficulties, the family will remain together and everyone will realize that they are the most important thing you have.

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10 ‘Mrs. Doubtfire, dad for life’ (1993)

Daniel is unemployed, and with divorce papers on the table. The judge gives custody of his three children will be shared if you find a stable job and a home decent in three months. But a father is willing to do anything for their childrenso, he decides to make a madness: dress up as an old woman and start to work as the caretaker of the small and homemaker for them, those who are not aware that touching appearance is your father. Daniel will try to become a good father for their children and will be concerned by them, such as the more, although none seem to realize.

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In the film, there are many actors who have interpreted this role to perfection in some of his moviesas is the case of Steve Martin, who plays great parents in films such as ‘Twelve Out of Home’, ‘the Father of the Bride’ or ‘Sweet home… sometimes!’, Will Smith, in films such as ‘In search of happiness’ or ‘After Earth’, Eddie Murphy in ‘The haunted mansion’ or ‘Dad ‘ Kangaroo’, or Robin Williams in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire, dad for life’.

On the occasion of this special day, we’ve compiled ten films to see together with our parentsand share with them great stories in your special day.