A police officer in Spain, danced in the middle of the street to cheer up the children in quarantine


The confinement in countries such as Spain or Italy, hard hit by the crisis of the coronavirus, it is leaving images unimaginable. From concerts on balconies up neighbors singing together since their houses in a sign of unity. But without doubt, there is a scene that in the last hours has never stopped circulating in the social networks.

This is a video in which you see an agent of the police in Spain dancing while in the speakers of the patrol car sounds at full volume a children’s song. Since then, an original way to brighten up the smallest of homes to be confined to a housing development in the city of Almeria, where there has been this tender moment.

“Company, arm extended, closed fist, finger up, shoulders high, head back”, it sounds through the speakers while the agent follows the instructions of the letter.

This nice gesture was received with a wave of applause by the residents of the place, who also immortalized the scene to be able to share it with the world through the various social networks, where in just a few hours, accumulating millions of views and thousands of ‘likes’.

Even from the town Hall wanted to thank the police of this gesture in these moments so complicated. “To serve, protect and to entertain. I do it all very well! Many thanks to all the bodies and Security forces of the State by the powerful example that you are giving all of almeria and in these days so difficult,” he wrote from the account of Twitter.

Just a few days ago, two musicians were excited about also to the virtual world with the concert that they offered from their respective balconies to your neighbours of Barcelona in these first days of confinement.