Alejandro Sanz stays at home and passes the quarantine, along with their children


Alejandro Sanz is very much concerned with the #QuédateEnCasa, the initiative that seeks that no one comes out to the street to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, at the end of last week gave a concert live via YouTube next to Juanes called #LaGiraSeQuedaEnCasa. A show dedicated to people who are confined to their homes for the quarantine.

But in addition to seeing the shows online that are organizing some singers to liven up the days of quarantine, or watch movies on the television, there are a lot of plans for that these days will be more enjoyable and the Spanish artist has found the best part of staying at home: their children.

Alejandro Sanz is living in quarantine with her two children small, Dylan and Soulof 8 and 5 years respectively, the fruit of his previous relationship with Raquel Perera. And now that you are enjoying these moments with them, has not hesitated to share with the world some pictures embracing and besándoles.

“What is better staying at home is it?” have asked next to the series of images in which you will see radiant getting very fond of theiroffspring. It’s pure sweetness!

His followers have been grateful in the board comments that you have shared with them these intimate moments in the company of their two minor children.

In addition to Dylan and Soul, the interpreter is the father of two other childrenManuela, daughter also of the mexican Jaydy Michel, and Alexander, the result of an extramarital affair between the singer and designer, Valeria Rivera.

Alejandro Sanz is not the only one that is taking advantage of the confinement to spend more time with their children. Just a few days ago Jennifer Lopez she revealed in an interview with the magazine Elle that is enchanted by to spend more time with his ‘coconuts’ now that all are held in the home he shares with Alex Rodriguez in Miami.

“Now they have a virtual school and we are all together at home, which delights me very much. For me, there is no greater luxury to spend real time with my children”, expressed the above-mentioned magazine.

And is that you have to look at the positive side to this situation, and as said JLo: “we All are caught in the house at this time. So now we have to make lemonade out of lemons, isn’t it?”. itWell said!