Alexis Valdes makes Yusuam Palacios to talk about the quarantine by coronavirus


The comedian cuban Alexis Valdes mimicked the young president of the Youth Movement of Marti, Yusuam Palacios, to refer to the quarantine established due to the coronavirus.

With a filter of Snapchat, Alexis Valdés said by way of parody that the quarantine is “a little bit more of the same, the same speech-imperialist, the same problems, not solutions”.

The video of the comedian cuban makes reference to an interview they did to Palaces by the speech of the ex-u.s. president Barack Obama on his visit to Havana, where it is said that he was “a little more of the same, of the mimsma policy of the united States against the Island, against the cuban people, with the white perfect that is the youth.”

Yusuam palacios has already become a popular figure among the cubans, for their discuros antimperialistas, against the u.s. government and its defense is disproportionate to the cuban regime.

Not a few times the girl has been taunted by the statements that offers. Recently he described them as “criminals” and “vermin vandalism” to the Clandestine group, then insult insult statues of Martí in Havana.

On another occasion, the president of the Youth Movement of Marti repeated slogans of the cuban government in its 60 years in power.

“Beings of soul low seek to destroy the cuban Revolution, breaking our symbols,” he wrote on the social network Twitter.

“Those who have polluted some of the busts with the image of Martí are criminals, worms lackeys of the u.s. empire. Are vermin vandalism that outrage the deepest roots”, he added.