Amy Adams debuts on Instagram with a joint initiative for the quarantine


Amy Adams has decided to take advantage of the quarantine. The actress has been released on Instagram on Monday, and has done so for a good cause: in his first, and until the last moment, the post explains the solidarity action that has started along with her friend and colleague Jennifer Garner to collaborate for the duration of the crisis of the Coronavirus.

“Hello Instagram! I’ve finally decided to join to remember the children across the country who need our help and support during this difficult time. My friend Jennifer Garner and I are premiering @SavewithStories, a place to see your favorite celebs read the favorite books of your children. […]”.

In this post actress lee ‘The Dinosaur Princess’, a story written by her daughter and illustrated by her husband, artist Darren Le Gallo. Interspersed with images of herself reading, and their own artwork, Amy Adams invites all his colleagues in the profession and bulbs to do the same in favor of your new initiative.

In addition it also encourages all who can contribute to donate money to organizations that are in charge of handing out food to families in situations most in need because, as she herself says, thirty million children in the united States depend on school to get food, and the closing of these will cause a great impact on the most vulnerable communities.

Colleagues in the profession as Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Timberlake, or the marriage formed by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have announced in their social networks, your donation for this kind of organizations in the united States and Canada.

'Amy Adams'

Is already in progress

In just two days, the initiative promoted by Amy Adams, and Jennifer Garner already counts with the collaboration of some of their colleagues as Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Jimmy Fallonwho have already uploaded videos to this social network reading favorite stories to their children.

With the intention of provide the most normal possible in this situationthe actress says in the same post “these funds will help us make sure that families know how to find food when the schools are closed, to support food trucks, mobile food banks, and other community feeding programs, provide educational toys, books and worksheets, as well as to support programs outside of school hours to help children to recover the lost time in the classroom.