Andrea de Janeiro struck by this. “Has died at the age of 22”. Last time


Andrea Janeiro EFE

March 18, 2020
(17:07 CET)

Belen Esteban is very concerned for the health of Andrea de Janeiro. The daughter of the co-isolated in the Uk, who has also taken restrictive measures after the lifting of cases of infection by coronavirus. Just a few days ago the british Government did not want to extend the alarm, in fact wore it all quietly enough, however you are now dealing with the possibility that the coronavirus can lead to the death of approximately 100,000 people in the United Kingdom.

This is a lower figure than the estimate of 500,000 casualties in one of the worst scenarios posed until now, which might infect 80% of the population, and over 17,000 deaths that has caused half the seasonal flu in the past five years.

“The central estimate of deaths is around 100,000. All have focused on the worst case, but this is what the experts really expect that to happen”, he noted the british daily an official of the Executive, which explained that “some of these people would have been killed by other influenza”. According to a member of the Government cabinet of the prime minister by the experts this figure is “basically correct”.

A woman wears a mask in the London underground

“It is very difficult to determine. We know that around 17,000 people die each year from the flu, so that we understand that this type of virus can be very serious. 100.000 is probably one of the worst scenarios, so I hope”said in an interview with channel Sky News.

There are No official figures and these are all estimates, but a second official said the total is “in the region of 100,000” dead. The number of people, as well as deceased, did not cease to grow in the last few days. Of the few people killed in these moments, one of them is a young girl of only 22 years who presented with a pathology. In a first moment the elderly and the chronically ill are at increased risk, however the rest are not exempt from see endangering their lives.

Belen Esteban is very worried about Andrea de Janeiro, and recommends that you under no circumstances leave the house.