Angela Aguilar is covered in roses and falls in love with fans ¡Beauty!


Angela Aguilar it has become a celebrity of social networks as the daughter of Pepe Aguilar has captivated their loyal fans on Instagram with her beauty, although a new photo where it appears adorned with roses has impacted the users.

The mexican singer has over 2.9 million followers of Instagram, because of their young age, Angela Aguilar it has been placed as one of the favorite artists of Regional Mexican music, as it has inherited the talent of his famous dad.

We recall that the singer Angela Aguilar has been promoting his new music this 2020, which surprised their fans paid tribute to the queen of Tex-Mex Selena Quintanilla, who has left a great legacy of great success after his departure.

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The young artist also delight your fans with your voice, it has also left them amazed by their beauty, because in the social networks leaked a shocking photo where it appears the singer Angela Aguilar more beautiful than ever.

Angela Aguilar mesmerises fans with her beauty

In the photo you shared on social networks, you can appreciate how beautiful it looks-the singer Angela Aguilar with embellishments of red roses, as the elegant dress in color black that she wore highlighted her beauty.

The young singer Angela Aguilar loves to wear dresses very colorful and embroidered with roses of different colors, but the look he was wearing, he left more in love to her admirers, who did not hesitate to send you comments very haladores.

“Simply beautiful mexican”, “Very beautiful and with that lovely dress, Excellent person and only”. Were some messages that were sent to users of artist Angela Aguilar at boast an elegant dress adorned with red roses.

Photo: Instagram.