ANIME: One Piece is the best ally during the quarantine by COVID-19


One Piece it is a anime based on the successful manga of Eiichiro Oda, which is preparing to reach its end, but you must not worry, because the animation has more of 922 chapters available on streaming platforms official as Crunchyroll and is a perfect alternative for coping with the days of quarantine by COVID-19.

The recommendation of the World Health Organization and relevant authorities in your country, match with that you should stay at home to avoid risk for spread of Coronavirus, so free time seems to be so that you will have plenty of in this quarantine, being your opportunity to watch the anime of One Piece.

Even the reds social Crunchyroll mention of the special projects that have made One Piece for the world, because they decided to raise awareness among the people about the threat for the spread of Coronavirus, releasing several videos that will teach proper hand-washing and the practice of prevention of health of your country.

What is One Piece?

The anime of One Piece takes us to a world where almost everything is surrounded by water, the inhabitants are moved by the sea in giant ships, and everything starts with the death of the greatest pirate of all times, who hides a huge treasure, decreeing that the person who finds it will be named the King of the Pirates.

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Luffy is the name of the protagonist, a young man who ate one of the forbidden fruits that gave you the ability to your body to have all the properties of the rubber; by being the biggest dreamer of becoming the King of Pirates, and it gradually recruited a powerful crew called the “Straw Hats”.