Ariana Grande faulted the death of Mac Miller


The rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his Los Angeles home on September 7. The death seems to be due to a heart attack for overdosedo not know if it’s intentional or not. Yet, to be held responsible it’s not the drugs, of which the guy was using, but his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.

Mac Miller and the drugs, “I hate being sober”

Died at the age of 26, Malcolm James McCormick he had confessed several times abuse of hard drugs ever since he was 15 years old. In the documentary The Fader the rapper confessed that “the grass relaxes me from all over, makes me, on the contrary, more paranoid about everything that happens around me. For this reason, I need to take something that was more numbing in case I need it. So, yes, this is what has lead me to make use of other drugs, because I hate being sober“. On the social and on the forums, however, fans of Miller have decided to blame the ex-girlfriend Ariana Grandein their opinion guilty of “having abandoned him in the time of need.”

Ariana Grande targeted for the death of the former

The two were known for a musical collaboration, and were engaged for two years, until last may. A closure that had been the master in the world of celebrity gossip, with big titles on the tabloids and various speculations, so much so that the young singer has publicly admitted that the use of drugs Mac Miller certainly had influenced their decision to leave, but that the reasons were mainly related to the impossibility to see each other because of the work. It was already been accused of having only left the boyfriend in his fight against drugs, and she had responded with a tweet: “It is absurd to that it minimize the respect of a woman for herself, and the self-esteem, feminine, saying that is the case, continuing a relationship with toxic, just because he wrote an album about this story”.

The choice to leave was taken “by common agreement“and the two were very related. Ariana for a few months, it is shown in the company of a new companion, Pete Miller, with which convolerà at a wedding, and some fans have unwittingly decided that that was the the cause of the malaise Mac Miller. A target shooting is embarrassingthat underlines not only how much the issues of mental health and drug addiction are not well understood, but also how easy it is to blame a woman for choosing to protect themselves by coming out of a relationship that she herself had defined as “toxic and sick”.

Ariana Grande has not responded to the many accusations, but when he shared on Instagram a photo of the deceased ex-boyfriend, has off the comments. A wise choice, that turned into over 11 thousand likes.

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